Робър барамов

2008 arTchitecture - "Long Night of the Museums", Hamburg

arTchitecture and multifunctional vehicle
The new millennium poses to humanity the question "Now what?". arTchitecture and multifunctional vehicles is an attempt to present a futuristic but very close real change. Since my idea of ​​multifunctional car / cycle lithographs 1998-2002/ similar to real models entered everyday life  passed only ten years. Entering the architecture and exiting the water and in the air will probably be a matter of  half a century. So in fact, the concept presents a realistic project relative to the near future. Escaping from the concrete boxes and stress of the city is transformed into a new type of artistic architecturally organized environment. The harmonious relationship between the man with the flora and fauna of a new type of communication with nature. In the process of changing global New World art and in particular  the graphic  also looking for new forms. In the installation, which I made, I am trying to rewrite lithography in video. Thus classical edition processes follow the new technologies and the impact of the idea is complete in contemporary exhibition spaces.