Робър барамов


ROBERT BARAMOV | 1966. Varna. Bulgaria 
Works in the field of installation, performance, contemporary texts and graphics. He  graduated from the Graphics Department of the National Academy of Art in Sofia (1994). He has won over 40 international awards for graphic and contemporary arts. He has presented his solo projects, actions and installations on international  forums for graphics and contemporary art in galleries, museums and cultural institutions in Germany, Denmark, China, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria etc, as the most important of them are at Kulturhaus, Hannover  (DE), Museum of Modern Art, Bodenburg (DE),  Art Museum, Frederikshavn (DK), museum "Castle" Malbork (PL), National Museum, Beijing (CN), National Museum of Natural History, Sofia  (BG), Museum of History in Sofia (BG) . He is represented by the Bulart gallery (BG/BE). Lives and works in Sofia. 


Robert Baramov is artist and curator whose works respond to discrimination based on a formal separation of the former East or West, political isolation, race, gender, speciesism, habitat, aspects of feminism etc. The documentation of his actions demonstrates a specific way of applying the attention and signed  documents of authorities by political leaders or influential representatives of the cultural society. To present his ideas, the artist uses different ways to combine new media with traditional techniques, thus believing that a good idea can be described as well on a small sheet of paper or a big-sized canvas as by realizing a large-scale installation or actions in urban environments.