Robert Baramov


Catalogue for the exhibition held at the National
Museum of Natural History Sofia

Robert Baramov
Evolutionary processes run on natural formulas. The intervention of the human spirit and imagination adds new factors to their periodic editing. The privilege of the dominant species to regulate their own basic instincts and behavior distorts and suppresses partial under-and-not-our conscious desires. The change in the established proportions of the social strata naturally leads to individual and group struggle within species for the establishment of new statutes. Globally massive civil conflicts lead to the conclusion that modern society needs new rules. In this sense, this exhibition suggests the states of transformation of today's citizen, looks for the deviant partly as a causal relationship of primitive embedded in our genome since the dawn of time. There arises the question whether the millennia of human history has managed to cultivate the animal in us, and what  the factors are that activate it? How does the transferred over time activity look like that has been creating and rejecting  the society of slaves and masters, lords and vassals, torturers and dictators, what questions does it ask in developed democracies? Our selfish need for individual survival and the pursuit of improved social status hierarchy plot our personal spaces behind borders, fences, doors, locks and administrative positions. Creation, defense and marking of territory in their essence differ from animal behavior only to the extent of cultural - technological dimensions. Regional and religious characteristics of the human population create different positions on the regality / and gender in particular, / but the world globalization and social networks create active conditions for convergence of standards. The exhibition "Humanimal" looks for a tease of self-discovery and self-scanning of our intellectual spirituality. With a hint of irony, it illustrates the monument of predator-wise and its consequences. "Man is the only animal that blushes, or at least needs to ..." Perhaps this popular sentence synthesizes the messages of the project ...