Robert Baramov

2014-2012 Balkan fairytale realism - Sofia Museum of History /2014/, City art museum"Boris Georgiev"-Varna /2013/, City art Museum "Stanislav Dospevsky"-Pazardzhik /2012/

At the core the exhibition “Balkan fairytale realism” interprets figuratively the current issues. Behind the fun fabulous facade of the compositions there are repeatedly described principles of human relationships, which have built a society at the beginning of its realization. In today’s existential struggle the financial deficit of Bulgarian reality offers temptation with little respectable alternatives.The Balkan region has been criticized as atavistic part of modern Europe. The search for jobs is often associated with a great deal of personal, professional and moral compromises, and low running regional judicial system fails to ensure peace and right of normal working conditions and remuneration. The present no-win political situation leads to national impersonality and submerged cultural identity. The deviant and the painful loss of innocence and virtues have become natural, but the society refuses to observe, discuss, or it cannot solve the existing problems. About vegetating in a low mass social status, about legacy teaser with the regional machismo or chaotic feminism it has been buzzing in the intellectual spaces where everything is always implied, but the inability for a decision deprives the discussion of sense. The multi-valued from old times “to jump a broom” flies in new dimensions in form to play Quidditch”. Snow White /man/ obviously prefers its state of lethargy and self-pity of doom for Territorial pedigree. The hope that virtue, hard work and diligence will lead to a better life, shared ownership and sustainable culture, is “still waiting” /Cinderella/. The habit of living from thrown waste has become imperceptibly a routine. It is speculated about the future of children in orphanages and their right to present within foster families is commercialized. Out of the system in isolated cases I remain shocked by the sale of children via the Internet!!! The change in the established proportions of the social classes naturally leads to individual and group intraspecific struggle for establishing new statutes. Widespread civil conflicts lead to the conclusion that contemporary society needs new rules. In this sense, this exhibition hints the states of transformation of today’s citizen partly seeking deviant as result from the primitive enshrined in our genome since the dawn of time. The question arises if millenary human history has managed to cultivate the animal in us and what the factors are that activate it. What it looks like the transmitted through time activity that has created and rejected societies of slaves and masters, lords and vassals, inquisitors and dictators today, what questions does it ask in the advanced democracies? Balkan fairytale realism “is my artistic and civil experience to tell classical tales of Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, The Pied Piper etc. with humor and well-intentioned criticism. The personal interpretation naturally leads to the concept of drawing parallel copyright stories” the memoirs of a street dog “and others. substitution of traditional writer’s tools with a brush and canvas provides a new context of writings. I would like to be very clear -I’m only documentarian of the regional society in which I condemned to join.
Development of a “Balkan fairytale realism” and its synchronization with the social project gives me a point of reference and belief in the existence of a positive principal will. Intervention of Western sponsors, political support and the presence of cooperating local business have added to the artistic idea a major and sustainable plan for creating jobs and development of companies in less populated regions. Cultural activity is a messenger and the institutions react and the results are real opportunities for many members of the society, and this is really essential.