Robert Baramov

2014 SYMBIOTE, interventions in public spaces - Sofia City Art Gallery and National Museum Complex

The contemporary artists’ need to express themselves creates their natural desire to be present in the spaces which provoke it. The clash with established rules and requirements of permits requires the artist to be compatible with current trends while their personal authenticity often melts by turning itself into institutional care. The exhibition "New revenues ..." 2014 has provoked me to be "no" - "compatible", "critical" and hopefully authentic. The idea was born and parasites on creative minds until its display in public life. My objects / I am attaching a few photographs/ do not looking for recognition or approval-in primitive way they attend without permission on selected sites till the moment of their acceptance or rejection and deletion. They mimic in collections in museums, seeking not to destroy the selected to host exhibits and build harmony in symbiosis with them. Their messages are simple – in the dynamics of modern society where art leaves significant traces it turns itself into symbiote who attends private, public or urban spaces. I see this phenomenon as a parasite when its realization is the result of none-art processes. While considering the importance of public collections I am asking questions of liability for their creation. Documenting the cultural and political history of society is in the hands of museum workers and this particular authorization is obliging. In this sense, my symbiote can be seen as a question or exclamation mark for Bulgarian museums and Sofia Art Gallery and the duration of their presence in your exposure is irrelevant. I would like to get information about the fate of the objects placed in different places in the exhibition "New revenue .." and my e-address is: @ I'm not anonymous if my ideas and actions are interesting, I can send more specific information about myself. Objects, documents and sketches that you have received you can throw away or add to the fund of SAG / with the relevant procedure /. Anyway I am looking forward your decision. If you have any problems with cleaning the equipment and exhibits of double sticky tape, which I have used, each preparation of acetone or gasoline basis is appropriate. I accept works of colleagues with respect and I sincerely hope to prevent damage.
The action at the National Museum / exhibition of Rodin / has other sense due to the global significance of the author. My objects have been definitely intruded and bring the message of the experience of Bulgarian art to attend in the global process. Issues that I am reflecting relate to any national cultural policy, or rather the lack of it. National institutions abroad actively support your modern artists by providing space on a wide range of locales authors and redeem their works. There are parallel negotiations about exposure projects with similar institutions abroad. Thus their local cultural history becomes part of the world, but only the hope remains for me that there will be recent similar active trends in Bulgaria.