Robert Baramov

2015 upcoming... project NOAH

Recyclable materials like cardboard boxes, wooden slats, etc. / could be included pallets or large pieces of corrugated cardboard also / create a hollow parallelepiped with dimensions not less than 240/240 / 700-800 cm.Boxes are fastened to each other by mechanical fasteners and on site it is checked if it needs further strengthening. Two projectors reproduce lightning on the object. Neon shall be made two texts - NOAH and NO VACANCY, which mounted on two walls of constructed parallelepiped.They symbolically illustrate the idea of ​​our personal presence / absence from local and international cultural scene. Similar issues in different countries. In recent years, there are significant gaps in the writing of the authentic history of our contemporary art and lack of Bulgarian cultural identification as a visible element in global processes. Local cultural scene is a complex conglomerate of artistic actions of groups with diametrical concepts of the values in art.Traditionalists and selected conceptual artists expressed sympathy with leading tendencies in fight for more territories where to enforce their presence. Apparent realities are chaotic confrontation and lack of reasonable and responsible local cultural politics. Even more worrying is the deliberate tolerance by age criteria appear unacceptably basis for preference and evaluation.My idea is to present the biblical story of Noah as an interpretation of cultural survival. Fauna species from the original story made way for electronic information documenting the historically significant cultural events in different parts of the world over the years. The installation gives reason to invite critics, curators and museum professionals from different countries that are willing to share documents from their personal archives which may be implemented in electronic format to the project. The aim of Noah's Ark is to travel onward in the world exhibition spaces safe for cultural information supplied by the host countries. On the other hand curatorial teams will be able to form expositions around the installation with a selection of originals presented a and professional documentation.