Robert Baramov

2017 project DECLARATIONS - "Declaration of war"/intervention at Documenta 14/ and "Declaration of peace"

Project "Declarations"

Aggression in the contemporary world has become everyday routine. Military threats, demonstrations and actions, acts of terrorism, bombings, etc. I perceive the current situation as a war against all human and cultural principles.

Robert Baramov develops his reserved idea "Declaration of War" in a new project "Declarations". The initiative invites curators and artists to participate in creating a cultural army /international organization with proposed name "World contemporary art at war"/ of global network reacting to the daily acts of violence, xenophobia, political apathy, etc.

With the document "Declaration of War" contemporary art from all over the world declares war on global terrorism, military aggression, xenophobia, political apathy etc. The weapon of the contemporary artists is their imagination that could change the world if they provoke the society to react.
The Declaration launches an advertising campaign for recruiting members of a cultural army who are responsive to the idea. Robert Baramov makes personalized invitations and creates advertisement for media, museums, social networking,websites and representative cultural spaces, biennials, festivals and more. The advertisement is a message to colleagues engaged in contemporary art. and seek their involvement in the construction of new cultural models.
“Declaration of peace”

The complexity of contemporary art today and the ways in which it reflects to various social and economic sphere, is difficult to be analyzed even by professionals in this sphere. In its part "Declaration of Peace", the project focuses on the internal affairs of the guild, seeking dialogue and synergy between professional cultural competitors who are ready to subordinate their personal ambitions to react synchronously with their colleagues to the global world situation.The initiators of the idea recognize and invite the museum and postinstitutional cultural structures to partner with their spaces for symposia, congresses, dialogues or founding meetings of the new artistic organizations.